Security arragements

Considering ever increasing threat perception / current situation inside Pakistan as well as in Afghanistan, Extra security requirements / measures are proposed right from Karachi Ports to various destinations in Afghanistan.
We envisage FOUR "Monitoring Points" all along the Trucking Route between Karachi to Torkham (inside Pakistan). Also, Three "Monitoring Points" along Karachi to Chamman route. Each point inside Pakistan route is being manned by skilled & professional staff to ensure goods / containers are in secured and safest manner.

"Monitoring Points" - "KARACHI" to "PESHAWAR"

Karam Abad
Fateh Pur
Sadaqat  Abad

“Monitoring Points”  - “KARACHI“ to “QUETTA”


We provide daily status report on everyday movement of your cargo till it reaches destination, our professional staff at these check points keep a log on vehicle reporting and make sure it follows the dedicated route to prevent pilferage or delays in transportation.